Islington4women Visit FC Designer Collective

On 18th August Islington4women hosted a women’s walk for local women and safety officers around the neighbourhood.

Organised by MEWSO – Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation and The Finsbury Park Women’s Network, #Islington4Women brings women who can make a difference together, to find ways to ensure Islington is the best it can be – a place where women are comfortable, supported, encouraged, empowered and inspired.

The aim of the walk was to look for places they feel safe, where safety could improve as well as learn about the FC Designer Collective retail shop and new workspace about to open on the Andover Estate.
The group lead by Cllr Asima Shaikh arrived at the shop during their walk and was welcomed by Development Director, Jenni Sutton. Jenni explained the vision for both the shop and workspace and how the activities and services could help anyone looking for an opportunity in the fashion and garment making industry. The local women will have access to many free resources and skills training at the FC Designer Workspace and retail shop. We looking forward to working with the community.

Following the walk Ruth Clarke kindly said:
‘Jenni, thanks so much for speaking to the women this morning!  Slowly but surely I think word is getting round about the Sewing & Garment making project.  The workshops are beginning to look really good, and I’m looking forward to the launch on 2nd September.  Thanks too to Leyla, it looks as though the shop is really beginning to buzz! Thanks again and hope all goes well, Ruth’